Saturday, March 21, 2009


I don't normally say who is going to be in an upcoming zine until it is printed and there is no going back, but I'm very excited to be putting in the artwork of a friend from Spain. I bought a zine from him a while back which I really enjoyed and I had to ask him to be in Vomitorium.

I got his stuff for No.6 they other day, and they rule! Here is an interview with him via a blog that hosts art from people who use Moleskine journals/books.

More info about no.6 when I have it. I'm hoping this will be the biggest issue so far with the most work. This will also have more writing as well.


Friday, March 6, 2009

The 7th. of March.

Time goes by a little too fast. We are working on getting stuff together still, i'm also still trying to get the right artists for this upcoming issue.... I would like as much diversity as possible, but I have a good selection of people right now that are for sure in.

I'm working on my comic still, i've started a 5 piece series of paintings that are really really nice. Hopefully you will see them on a wall sometime soon... cause I don't know when I will get around to putting them online or in a magazine or anything. It may be my part for no.6, but as of now, my comic is my part of no.6. We will see.

In other news, our good friends and supporters are doing really outstanding things:

True Widow is excellent. Check out this VIDEO. They are one of the handful of DFW area bands I truly enjoy.

Mount Righteous is going on a little out of town trip this weekend to play some music to some people. They were recently on the cover of Quick, check it! Congrats to them.


Vomitorium issue 4 and 5 are for sale now at DOMY BOOKS in HOUSTON, TX. Go there!

More of an update when I have something to update people on. Right now I'm busy at OINK. Buy some stuff there, I'll send it to you.... within 24-48 hours... cause we rule.


Sunday, March 1, 2009


Some of the few remaining copies of issue no.5 will be for sale in Houston Texas at DOMY BOOKS starting March.4, this weekend!

An ultra big omega thanks to Bucky for helping spread our work!



Issue no.6 is coming along. Expect an update on that soon and an artist announcement. This will feature artists outside of Texas for the first time... also it may host work from across the atlantic....

Nicole and Katie both had their shows, they both rule. Congrats to them, if you see them, tell them they rule cause it's the truth yeah? yeah.

I (brice) am working on a comic right now. It may be in Vom.6, but maybe not. I'll post info later on my personal blog.

- brice