Thursday, June 21, 2007


My first zine is now completed. It's all ready to be in your hands at this very moment. If you are interested in one, email BRICE.BAUM@GMAIL.COM. They are 3 dollars. For 3 dollars you get a 20 page, black and white zine, and 2 stickers.

Samples of work:

by Preston Plume

by Brice Baum

Preston Plume and I


another zine to follow soon...

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Vomitorium #1 is in the final stages of production. I am about to start to make these in my room one by one... it will take a while. I will hopefully have some done and shipped out to some people by the 30th.
Vomitorium #1 is a combination of work by Preston Plume and Brice Baum. Preston's work are pencil drawings and cartoons in a comedic style full of satire, humor, hilarity. Brice's work is a mix of oddity, humor, and disgust.


check back soon.