Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It is official. Vomitorium no.4 is underway and should be done in a month or two. It will feature 4 artists (for sure) which will be as follows:

Katie Kader

Nicole Marxen

Sean Lester

and I (Brice Baum)

We are all very happy with what is about to be created and compiled. Katie, Nicole, and Sean are all talented artists whom I respect very much. You can check out some of their stuff here:

Seizure Lion (Sean Lester's design company) also, he has some pretty shirts for sale

411 (Katie Kader and her roommate's art shows and gatherings)

Katie's Blog

Mount Righteous (A band Nicole Marxen is in)

Nicole's Blog

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Issue No.4 is getting it's stuff together. should be out in a month or two... artist announcement will be coming soon. 4 of us will probably be in this one... but that could change. The artists have been chosen though.

The One Year issue is in the works. I'm waiting on getting in the art from all the alumni, and then it should be ready to print. It will be in black and white, limited to 10, and given away to our biggest supporters. Do not ask for one. You will get one if you've been more than great to us.