Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Little Update. 11/29/08

There are some plans for the future, but time and work are in the way. Brent, Katie, Preston and I are doing a major collaboration to be released in some VERY limited zines that will be VERY VERY high quality and packaged as beautifully as my cash permits. When all our work is done, we will have a showing which will have a ton of work for you to see. We are working on arranging a place to host this show in the Dallas/Ft.Worth/Denton area. Hopefully this will be soon, but we are all very busy right now.

Vomitorium No.5 is in the planning stages and some of the selected artists are already at work. I am planning on having over 4 artists this time around. No.5 will also feature written work for the first time. Stay tuned for the artists announcement and be prepared to see some more work of past artists. We are aiming to have it done before the end of December. 

Soon we will be having a fund raising sale of original artwork from past zines and new stuff to help fund these future endeavors. 

My good friend Judd Meyers is almost done making a video showing the making of issue no.4. It should be done in about a week.

Monday, November 24, 2008



Take advan​tage of these​ aweso​me disco​unts from our good frien​ds!​ Snag some copie​s of Vomit​orium​ while​ you'​re at it!



The GORIL​LA'​​s got some great​ holid​ay gifts​ avail​able,​​ and if you order​ befor​e Dec 31st using​ the COUPO​N CODE at the botto​m of this bulle​tin,​​ you can get $5 off your order​ of $20 or more.​​ Get some NICE zines​ & stick​ers for the peopl​e on your NAUGH​TY list.​​

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We just added​ 3 new crewn​ecks and a bunch​ of new tees.​​ And, to celeb​rate,​​ we'​​re givin​g every​body 30% off when you use this code durin​g check​out:​​


Sunday, November 9, 2008


Thank you to everyone who came to our small release party at Katie's house. Also thanks to the people who bought a zine.

A couple days ago a friend of mine filmed me making some zines so we are going to put that together in a nice video and put it on the web. That should be done in the next couple of weeks.

Vomitorium no.5 is in the planning stages. Start saving some cash.

In the mean time, buy some of our releases here: