Sunday, March 30, 2008


Vomitorium No.3

This issue is a collection of work from 4 different artists. Each artist was given 6 pages to put whatever they wanted onto them.

Here are the artists featured:

Jane Joveita- Her art is very vivid and full of color. Her pieces contain elements of design, color, illustration, textures and more.

Cole Hill- His work is all photography. Black and white film photos he printed show a very artistic and interesting viewpoint to our normally bland surroundings.

Robert Salazar- His work is a collection of recent abstract style paintings and illustrations that spill out some very dream-like scenes filled with vibrant color and creative expressions.

Brice Baum- His illustrations explore strange memories and odd predictions of humanity.


This issue is available through for $5

- a sample of Jane Jovieta's work

Friday, March 21, 2008




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These are printed on NATURAL colored ORGANIC cotton AMERICAN APPAREL tee's on the men's/unisex style t-shirt. go here for a sizing chart:


These shirts were printed by

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

#3- (newer info added)

It has been a while since an update. so here it is:

-There are still some copies left of Vomitorium #2 around. It is available online at . I don't have any more copies left myself, so as of now, Gorillamart is the only place to get it. Soon another online shop will be selling it, in the mean time, check out their site anyways: 75 copies were printed, I dunno if there will be another printing. Vomitorium #1 is long gone, and there probably wont be another printing of it, I think there were around 40-50 copies of that...

-shirts. they are being printed and should be available soon. They will be a 3 color print on natural colored organic cotton American Apparel tee's. Liberated Images are handling the printing duties, check them out here: liberated

-and lastly, Vomitorium Issue #3 is pretty close to being printed. Expect it to be done in the next few weeks. It will feature 4 artists this time. A post about that will be made sooner or later. This issue will have a more unique binding method, so it will take longer to put all together. The price will probably stay $5 though. I'm already talking with more artists for #4 as well. I hope to have that done in the summer.


p.s., go to this if you aren't a creep.