Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Vomitorium issue No.7

Featuring the art of:

Djavan Santos
Julia A. Rich
Sean Lester
Mount Righteous
Cole Hill
Brice Baum
Sally Glass
Maxwell Broden

Special vellum print over a cover photo by Sally Glass.

34 pages of art, full color printing, half sized format (5.5x8.5).

$14.50 with shipping (US only).


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A little too busy these days. Lots going on, issue 7 is underway.

I am focusing on work for a release through CALICO GROUNDS, who are our friends and contributors here at VCAC. So until that release is done, production on issue 7 will be a little delayed. Josh and Stephen are putting out excellent releases, and best of all, often. You can follow their blog here.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


Vomitorium NO.6 is available online now exclusively at OINKARTLTD.COM. It will soon be distributed by Calico Grounds in Houston and it is available from me in person.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy or is going to soon. I know $8 isn't that appealing when cash is low, but if you're like me, physical copies of printed art is worth the cash.

Number 7 is in the works. I'm in communication with some great artists and we are going to be pushing it even further this time. This issue may be more than just paper. Release date is probably mid-late August if all goes well.

In related news:

•Vomitorium contributer Josh Bosarge (issues 5 and 6) has released a solo zine of his writing and polaroids to accompany them. Available at Calico Grounds and Youth Attack records online stores. Only $5! Limited to 100.

Zicole Marxen (issues 4 and 5) just wrapped up a tour with her band Mount Righteous. They are recording new material soon and they are playing some local shows (Denton/Dallas area) in July. They have some new members to the already big acoustic-only band, so check them out and buy their record!

Cole Hill (issues 3 and 6) is living in Boston for a little while why he interns at Boston Magazine. He's getting to live right next to excellent record stores and venues, so I am a little jealous. Mr. Hill just graduated from SMU where he has had a ton of interesting run ins with some interesting cats at that school. He was once almost jumped by Dr. Phil's son and his bro buddies for saying that Dr. Phil Jr.'s band sucked (which they do.) I guess when you are trying to be like Creed and Nickelback you have to act like you need to get some rage out from all those years of pent up rage because your daddy wanted you to play football or because he wasn't there to "teach ya how to fight." But yeah Mr. Cole Hill and I are going to start a collaboration zine to be released later this year.

• Right now I am on my last summer ever for another week. I am working on a solo zine for Calico Grounds that will host three series of illustrations. You can see a small update of that here. My best friend is getting married in Mexico next week so I'll be there getting swine flu right before I start my second to last quarter of college ever. Should be interesting.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


NO.6 Is now available for purchase online at OINKARTLTD.COM only! Oink Art Ltd. is the exclusive online merchant for this issue and the remaining copies of issue 5. Both are up now.

Limited to 50 copies so get it while you still can.


ALSO I would suggest getting XPLICIT GRAFX #12. It's very good. Very.